Shopify and Google Deepen Partnership

Announcements yesterday from Google and Shopify signal a new integration environment making it easier for consumers to shop on Google. More broadly, the announcements signal


Oh, Was That a Fake Review?

One of the biggest and most profound changes in the local media world in the last 20 years was the introduction of local user-generated reviews.


Mapping Mashup, Part I: Google

As we continue to digest and break down the takeaways from Google I/O, one area that saw notable updates is Google Maps. Being central to local commerce, mapping impact the ongoing evolution of SMB marketing. We examine the latest.


Google and Shopify Partner to Boost SMB Merchant Reach

During yesterday’s Google I/O keynote, a notable announcement was hidden in the procession of software and gadgetry news. Google is partnering with Shopify to integrate product listings of its many merchants. We examine drivers and strategic implications.

3D Mapping

What “Near Me” Means in 3D

Like a spouse who completes your sentences, Google predictively adds “near me” to just about anything you type in the search bar. It’s a natural


Google: Local Shopping Has Transformed Forever

Google is out with new data that helps clarify what the local shopping future could look like. This is done through the lens of the consumer shopping behavior that it has tracked over the past several months. We examine.