Amazon Carries the RaaS Torch Into Fashion

After piloting Just Walk Out at Amazon Go, airport-based convenience chains, salons, grocery and even Starbucks, Amazon has now tipped its hand for the next move: clothing stores. We examine the strategic implications.


Amazon Advances its RaaS Play with Starbucks

After piloting its “Just Walk Out” retail tech at Amazon Go and a handful of airport-based convenience chains, Amazon is breaking out the big guns: Starbucks. We examine its latest move.


Amazon Advances its Retail-as-a-Service Play

One of our ongoing areas of coverage and analysis is retail-as-a-service (RaaS). And one of the biggest players tackling this sector is the mighty Amazon. We examine its latest moves.


The Amazon-Seller Roll-Up Race Rolls On

One trend we’ve been tracking is what we call the “great eCommerce rollup.” This reflects the emerging business model to buy up third-party Amazon marketplace sellers — otherwise know as FBA’s (or fulfilled by Amazon). We examine the latest.


Amazon’s Ad Share Continues to Ratchet Up

One of the ongoing tech stories of the past few years is how Amazon continues to nip at the heels of the “duopoly.” And its working, considering Amazon’s latest ad market share and revenue growth figures. We examine.


Amazon Passes 10% of U.S. Digital Ad Spend

Look out Google and Facebook… Amazon has its eyes on your lunch. Amazon continues to pose a threat as a “duopoly” killer, the latest evidence coming from its 10 percent of U.S. digital ad spend. We examine.