Ads That Evoke Emotion Generate 4x More Impact
artificial intelligence

AI Chatbots Gain Traction Beyond the Buzz

Conversational AI is all the buzz in tech & media circles. But unlike hype cycles without substance (we’re looking at you metaverse), AI is finding real traction. We examine the evidence.

SaaS Apps

Where Will Global Ad Spending End Up in 2023?

Though ad-supported media may not die (per our recent analysis) it could certainly slow down in 2023. wraps some numbers and projections around this notion which we break down for Localogy Insider readers.

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Can Subscriptions Work for Local Restaurants?

Subscription-based product models have been all the rage in recent history – everything from newsletters to SaaS. Can this translate to local restaurants in the form of subscription-based loyalty programs? We examine.

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Canva Raises $200M for its Creative-Cloud for SMBs

Canva continues to forge a path to democratize design. The web-based tool is meant to appeal to individuals, graphic designers and SMBs with a no-code approach. Now it has advanced that mission with $200 million in funding.


The Amazon-Seller Roll-Up Race Rolls On

One trend we’ve been tracking is what we call the “great eCommerce rollup.” This reflects the emerging business model to buy up third-party Amazon marketplace sellers — otherwise know as FBA’s (or fulfilled by Amazon). We examine the latest.

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Can Anyone Take on the Delivery App Giants?

The love-hate (mostly hate) relationship between restaurants and delivery aggregators isn’t showing much sign of abating. Even though in many municipalities, Covid-era caps on commissions