Amazon Carries the RaaS Torch Into Fashion

After piloting Just Walk Out at Amazon Go, airport-based convenience chains, salons, grocery and even Starbucks, Amazon has now tipped its hand for the next move: clothing stores. We examine the strategic implications.

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Microsoft ‘Cloud for Retail’ Joins the RaaS Race

Microsoft is joining the RaaS landscape, or at least it will soon. February 1 marks the general availability of Microsoft Cloud for Retail. It’s is all about federating data to inform strategy and optimize operations – everything from inventory to store layouts.


Amazon Advances its RaaS Play with Starbucks

After piloting its “Just Walk Out” retail tech at Amazon Go and a handful of airport-based convenience chains, Amazon is breaking out the big guns: Starbucks. We examine its latest move.

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Walmart Leans in to Conversational Commerce

Walmart has announced that it’s acquiring conversational commerce platform Botmock for an undisclosed sum. The company provides tools for businesses to create their own chat-based customer service and transactional functions. We examine.


Amazon Advances its Retail-as-a-Service Play

One of our ongoing areas of coverage and analysis is retail-as-a-service (RaaS). And one of the biggest players tackling this sector is the mighty Amazon. We examine its latest moves.


Walmart Revs Up its RaaS Engine, Part II: Delivery

One week after we examined Walmart’s new retail-as-a-service play, it’s doubling down with a similar service for delivery. Known as GoLocal, it will package up Walmart’s delivery logistics engine for third-party retailers to raise their delivery game.


Walmart Revs Up its RaaS Engine

The latest news from the retail-as-a-service world is that Walmart has joined the competitive fray. It’s spinning out many of its semi-recent retail innovations to enable third parties to raise their retail game.

Augmented reality

AR’s Next Conquest: Your Neighborhood Shopping Center

Brookfield Properties is beginning to offer AR ad inventory throughout its shopping centers. This involves making 150 million square feet of “airspace” available for virtual ad placement. How will this play out and what’s the opportunity in geolocated AR? We examine.