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Snap Launches Snapchat+

Snapchat jumped on the paid-teir wagon with today’s launch of Snapchat+.  Joining the emerging crop of paid tiers in the social world – such as Twitter Blue – the subscription offers premium perks for power users.


Snap Jumps on the Paid-Tier Wagon

Following Twitter’s much-discussed paid tier, Twitter Blue, Snap appears to be interested in something similar. Though details are scant, the company has indicated that it’s testing a paid subscription tier called Snapchat+.


Snap Layers In More Local Discovery

Among the many interlinking pieces at Snap, mapping is an ongoing initiative. We examine the latest updates to Snap Map including local discovery “layers.”

Augmented reality

Will Snap Bring Visual Search to Local Commerce?

One emerging consumer technology that could have implications for local commerce is visual search. This positions the camera as a search input to identify items you point your phone at. We examine through the lens of Snap’s latest updates.


Mapping Mashup, Part II: Snap

What’s the latest from Snap Maps? It recently announced a structural enhancement known as “layers.” Think of this as different data sets in the map that you can toggle on and off (food, events, etc.) depending on your interests.

channel partners

Snap and Gannett Partner to Connect SMBs to Gen-Z

Print and digital media publisher Gannett announced today that it has partnered with Snap Inc.. to distribute Snapchat ad products to SMBs.  Snapchat is uniquely positioned to connect SMBs and Gen-Z, while Gannett has the last-mile sales reach.


Snapchat Goes Deeper on Social Mapping

The latest signal for Snap’s social mapping ambitions came this week with the acquisition of location data platform StreetCred. Mostly an “acquihire,” the deal will bring four members StreetCred team to Snap, where they’ll work on strengthening its geo-data backbone.