AirTank Doubles Down on eCommerce

The latest company to meet the moment is AirTank. This week, it announced its eCommerce platform ZiftrShop, which boasts easy onboarding and customization in building or migrating feature-rich eCommerce websites.


Is the BigCommerce IPO a Big Deal?

eCommerce player BigCommerce filed to go public earlier this week. One publication commenting on the news described BigCommerce as an ÔÇťAmerican Shopify”. While BigCommerce is


2020 – eCommerce is Finally Real

I’m tempted to go back to look for predictions around eCommerce. But rather than looking back through old archives, let’s look forward to how the


Shopify Expands into SMB Lending

eCommerce software provider Shopify has announced that it’s expanding into SMB lending. Operating under the existing Shopify Capital division, it will offer starter loans to