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Walmart Beefs Up Online Marketplace

Walmart has Amazon in its crosshairs. Its latest move came with the recent deal with BigCommerce to boost product libraries and become more of a one stop shopping destination.


What’s Behind the Great eCommerce Rollup?

One notable trend we’re tracking is the consolidation of SMB Amazon sellers. There’s ample long-tail value so larger companies roll them up and apply common standards, marketing, and economies of scale.


Amazon Extends Its Long-Tail Reach

Amazon rarely does anything quietly, even when it wants to. But it managed to do so with last month’s under-the-radar acquisition of SMB eCommerce enabler Selz. We examine.


Video Vault: AirTank Brings Headless eCommerce to SMBs

The latest company to meet the moment for eCommerce’s inflection isĀ AirTank. Specializing in a headless approach to SMB eCommerce enablement, we dove into its drivers and dynamics on a recent episode of Localogy Insider.