Is the BigCommerce IPO a Big Deal?

eCommerce player BigCommerce filed to go public earlier this week. One publication commenting on the news described BigCommerce as an “American Shopify”. While BigCommerce is


2020 – eCommerce is Finally Real

I’m tempted to go back to look for predictions around eCommerce. But rather than looking back through old archives, let’s look forward to how the


Shopify Expands into SMB Lending

eCommerce software provider Shopify has announced that it’s expanding into SMB lending. Operating under the existing Shopify Capital division, it will offer starter loans to

Customer Experience

Nordy Ups the Ante

In another signal that the role of customer experience continues to gain importance, Nordstrom has bought two technology companies to help further its CX success.


Amazon Turns Services into Commodities

Yesterday, Amazon Home Services – originally launched in November as Amazon Local Services – was made available to much of the country, though the high-coverage