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Coworking Carries on in Adam’s Image

I have on occasion written about the infamous coworking startup WeWork here. And most of the time it has been with my snark antenna tuned

Is More Pain on the Horizon for Downtowns?

We have written off and on about the “RTO [return to office] Wars” and the at times ham-handed efforts by companies to enforce back-to-work orders.

Are Influencers Coming In House in 2024?

Sometimes a topic or question comes into view that captures your interest for elusive reasons. Such is the alchemy of attention.  And these can be

E49 Unpacks the Hidden Power of BD-led M&A

“There is no worse feeling than hearing that one of your competitors got bought, and you didn’t even get a phone call.” Subscribe to This

Black Friday Boosts Buy Now Pay Later

 Last week we wrote about how the contents of our news alerts for “buy now, pay later” reflect just how dramatically the media narrative has

The Ever-Shifting BNPL Narrative

It’s Black Friday. And for many people, this means getting an early start on holiday shopping. And worrying about how to pay for it all.