E70: Reviewing the Roam UX — Function Fights Back

In episode 70 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, co-hosts Mike Boland and Charles Laughlin talk about one of the most talked about startups in the Localogy-verse – Howard Lerman’s Roam.

Specifically, co-host Mike Boland gives a download on his test drive of the Roam UX. And given Mike’s expertise in AR/VR, Roam’s spatial orientation is right up Mike’s alley.  The conversation also led to some broader discussion of what defines a good UX. And, of course, the future of work. 

Mike’s key point is that Roam’s mission is to break out of the “form over function” trap that so much of what we build falls into. This starts with the premise that online meetings do not all need to be 30 minutes long. Maybe five minutes is enough. Roam was built to break out of this trap.

“They put function back in the driver’s seat,” Mike said of the Roam UX.

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