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AI Startups Dominate Q2 Venture Tally

According to research firm CB Insights’ State of Venture Q2 report,  AI-focused startups accounted for 28% of venture funding globally in the second quarter of

Chatmeter Rolls Out New SEO Tool for MULO Brands

The reputation management platform Chatmeter has rolled out Local Pages 2.0, a tool designed to help multi-location brands “dominate page one search results” in their

Amazon Also Under Pressure from EU Regulators

We’ve recently covered Meta’s challenges with European regulators. According to a recent story in Reuters, Meta isn’t the only big tech big dog to find itself

E82: Meta’s European AI Training Roadblock

In Episode 82 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, my co-host Mike Boland and unpack what appears to be an uncomfortable fact. European regulators

Meta’s European Problems Mount

European regulators don’t strike me as being particularly fond of Meta. Google, Apple, Amazon, et al seem only marginally more popular, if at all.  In

Is There a Glimmer of Hope for CRE?

San Francisco is a city that I have never lived in (I am a Chicagoland lifer) but have visited often and have always loved. Yet

Ario Wants Everyone to Have an AI Assistant

Reading today about the notion of everyone having an AI personal assistant evoked the 1994 movie Swimming with the Sharks. This nerve-wracking movie made a

Data Firm Precisely Leans into Spatial Analytics

The data analytics company Precisely has rolled out a new set of solutions that bolster its spatial analytics capabilities.  The Massachusetts-based software company today rolled

How Will AI Disrupt the Accounting World?

.There are certain incessant questions raised by generative AI. Where will advancements in AI plug existing holes in workflows? And where will it create disruptions

It’s Not Easy Being a Remote Tech Startup

Three very prominent entrepreneurs are out there building interesting products in the space we loosely call remote tech. Others put the ‘future of work’ label

How Safe Should Superintelligence Be? Localogy

How Safe Should Superintelligence Be?

The whole AI boosters vs. doomers safety debate is a bit tired. I mean the robots that will subjugate us haven’t even been built yet.