Is TikTok the Next eCommerce Greenfield?

The latest development in the world of TikTok monetization is Shopify’s expanded partnership. Shopify merchants can now add a “Shopping” tab on their TikTok profile, among other things. We examine drivers & dynamics.


Is Shopify Building a Stealth Ad Business?

Earlier this week, we wrote about the strategic drivers for Amazon’s continued ad revenue growth. Is its competitor Shopify following it down that same path… and for similar reasons? We examine the evidence.


Shopify Acquires Primer to Go Deeper on AR

Shopify has signaled visual shopping ambitions through its latest acquisition: AR startup Primer. This will let it go deeper into home services and decor with a tool that lets merchants better exhibit their wares. We examine the details and drivers.


Shopify Extends Shop Pay to Google and Facebook

Shopify has extended its tentacles further into the SMB world. It announced this week that it will offer its one-click checkout service Shop Pay to merchants that sell on Facebook or Google. We examine strategic implications.


Shopify and Google Deepen Partnership

Announcements yesterday from Google and Shopify signal a new integration environment making it easier for consumers to shop on Google. More broadly, the announcements signal


Google and Shopify Partner to Boost SMB Merchant Reach

During yesterday’s Google I/O keynote, a notable announcement was hidden in the procession of software and gadgetry news. Google is partnering with Shopify to integrate product listings of its many merchants. We examine drivers and strategic implications.


E-Commerce Roundup: Shopify, Pinterest & Mailchimp

E-commerce continues to show strong momentum. Even as the world re-opens to retail and other IRL activity, there are several signs that 2020’s e-commerce inflections could sustain into the post-Covid era. We round up the latest evidence.