Should You Help Your Customers Quit You?

My friend Charles Laughlin recently sent me this thought-provoking article about the SaaS world, “Why Subscription Businesses Need To Let Their Users Quit.“ Just imagine a

ICYMI: This Week in Local

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Is ARR the Next Unicorn Metric?

You’re going to start hearing the term ARR a lot. We’re not talking about augmented reality but annual recurring revenue. It’s not a new term,


Video Vault: The New SMB Reality

This is the latest in LSA’s Video Vault series. Running semi-weekly, it examines selected conference talks, including embedded video and key takeaways. Speakers’ opinions are

AT Kearney

Tricks for Selling Tech to SMBs

Technology companies would do a much better job of selling their services to small businesses if they would keep things simple and treat SMBs more