TikTok Raises its Location-Intelligence Game

There’s no question that TikTok is the latest phenomenon in social media. Extending from that is its positioning as a brand marketing powerhouse. But what about local? It answered that question with a new Foursquare partnership.


Snap Continues its Mapping & Location Conquest

We’ve tracked two new developments around Snap Maps in the past few weeks. The first involves a partnership with Ticketmaster to match users with upcoming events in their area. The second is a new “buddy system” for sharing location with friends.


Foursquare Launches Tile-Based Location Analytics

Foursquare today is launching Hex Tiles. These are a new way to visualize and contextualize its location data. They unify location signals into color-coded tiles that are overlaid on a map to help visualize patterns that can inform business decisions.


Foursquare Mints New Product Lead

Foursquare continues to make executive moves as it further establishes its position as a location data powerhouse. The firm announced this week that it has appointed Oren Teich as its new SVP of product.


Foursquare Beefs Up Places API

Foursquare continues to add features to its flagship Places API to embolden brands’ and developers’ location-based capabilities. The latest is a new autocomplete endpoint, and we examine strategic takeaways.

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Uber Quietly Advances its Advertising Business

One ongoing possibility that we continue to track is Uber’s moves into advertising. Its its position as a transportation platform could enable it to launch a location-based ad play for mobile devices and in-ride marketing. We examine the latest


Groundtruth Gains MRC Accreditation

The Media Rating Council (MRC) has granted GroundTruth accreditation for Location, Place, and Visitation data sets. This validates its bona-fides for data collection and ad targeting.

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Place Rewind: What’s Location Data’s UX Impact?

How does location data impact the user experience that plays out several steps downstream? And what’s the state of the Art in location intelligence? We tackle these questions in an interview with Gimbal — the topic of this week’s Place Rewind.

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How Much Will Tracking Opt-outs Impact Ad Tech?

In iOS 14.5, Apple sends users notifications about apps that are tracking them. Moreover, it offers a quick and easy way to opt-out of tracking, which otherwise lingers in the background unnoticed. What will be the impact?


NextNav and Gimble Team Up for 3D Location Data

Gimbal has partnered with NextNav to incorporate its signature Z-axis location data. This will give Gimbal’s brand and retail customers a better understanding of their customers’ movement patterns. We examine.