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Foursquare Revamps and Rebrands its Panel App

Foursquare has revamped and rebranded its longstanding Panel App as “Rewards by Foursquare.” It will let users earn prizes and points for real-world purchases by opting in to share location data.

Newfold Digital Acquires SEO Powerhouse, Yoast

Newfold Digital’s power play continues. After coming out of the gate strong with a mega-rollup of web hosting and online marketing companies, its latest news comes with Thursday’s acquisition of popular WordPress SEO Plugin Yoast.

Amazon’s Emboldens its ‘Duopoly-Killer’ Power Play

Amazon continues to to challenge the Google/Facebook duopoly for advertising market share. The latest evidence comes in Amazon’s recent Q2 earnings, in which it reported 87 percent year-over-year ad revenue growth to $7.9 billion.

Wix Launches No-Code App Builder

Wix today took a rather large step in its ongoing evolution as a marketing and digital presence platform: native apps. Erstwhile positioned more as a website builder, Wix now broadens its range to the world of mobile apps. We examine.

Benchmark Bytes: When Do Local Sales Go Wrong?

Benchmark Bytes is a series that examines Localogy’s original data on SMB tech deployment. Based on its recent Small Business Trends report, each installment drills down on a data excerpt and draws out meaning for Localogy Insider readers.

Bluehost Beefs Up Hosting Suite with New Website Builder

Bluehost today announced a WordPress website builder to help SMBs create sites in minutes. This follows a clear trend towards vertical integration and expanded features and has clear synergies and adjacencies to Bluehost’s core hosting product. 

Groundtruth Gains MRC Accreditation

The Media Rating Council (MRC) has granted GroundTruth accreditation for Location, Place, and Visitation data sets. This validates its bona-fides for data collection and ad targeting.

Snap Continues Steady March Towards Local Search

Snap’s latest move is the My Places feature on Snap Map. This brings more structure to Snap Map’s existing local discovery use case by positioning 30 million SMBs with more formal interactivity in the map experience. We unpack strategic takeaways.