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Shopify’s Integration Streak Continues with Microsoft

Shopify has sealed a new partnership with Microsoft that lets its merchants to expand their reach. This occurs through Microsoft’s Channel App, letting merchants tap into Microsoft’s Search and Audience networks.

Is Facebook Thriving Despite its Misdeeds?

One of the many macro trends we continue to track at Localogy is privacy reform’s bottom-line impact on Facebook’s business. Despite the media coverage that

Canva Amps Up Product Suite with Video

Just one month after raising $200 million, Canva has put its new cash in play by taking the next step in its product evolution: video. It will add video production to its existing suite of media production and graphic design tools.

Will the Creator Economy Empower SMBs?

The creator economy is comprised of the Etsy artists and cooking shows of the world – usually involving an online persona or micro-brand that distributes goods or knowledge online. We examine the latest innovation driving the sector.

Google Brings Infinite Scroll to Mobile SERPs

Google has announced a rather sizable change to the way that mobile search results load: infinite scroll. This is a UX format where content perpetually loads as you scroll. There’s less manual navigation, given that content is “lazy loaded.” We examine.

Yelp Rolls Out New Features for Service SMBs

Yelp has announced new features for service businesses. These include custom search filters that can be set by businesses and used by consumers. There’s also a new reviews flow, themed ads, and project cost guides. We examine.

YouTube and Pinterest Get More Shoppable

Digital media continues to get more shoppable. The latest updates have emerged over the past week from YouTube and Pinterest specifically. We examine the drivers & dynamics.