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Beer Startups Join the SMB SaaS Universe

Among the varied operational tools in the SMB SaaS universe, capabilities are getting increasingly specialized. As vendors look to differentiate and solve SMB pain points,

ICYMI: This Week in Local

“ICYMI (in case you missed it) What’s New in Local” is a periodic series on LSA Insider that curates and offers brief commentary on items


Is ARR the Next Unicorn Metric?

You’re going to start hearing the term ARR a lot. We’re not talking about augmented reality but annual recurring revenue. It’s not a new term,

funding watch

SMB SaaS: The Funding Roundup

Funding Watch is LSA Insider’s series that tracks funding to SMB-focused startups and tech providers. See the rest of the series here. Things continue to heat

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SMB SaaS: Redefining “Local”

This article excerpts the executive summary for an upcoming LSA report. Stay tuned for more on the report’s release. Local is expanding. The media and