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How Much Will Tracking Opt-outs Impact Ad Tech?

In iOS 14.5, Apple sends users notifications about apps that are tracking them. Moreover, it offers a quick and easy way to opt-out of tracking, which otherwise lingers in the background unnoticed. What will be the impact?


Video: Apple’s App Transparency Escalates

Apple’s latest privacy move is in-app notifications in iOS 14.5 to inform users about what’s being tracked and let them easily opt out. As part of the rollout, Apple released a new video which we examine for Localogy Insider readers.

Location Intelligence

Apple & Google Crack Down on Location Data

The world of mobile location tracking saw a big development this week when Apple and Google issued moratoriums on data from X-Mode. They’ve communicated to developers to remove X-Mode trackers in their apps. We examine.

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California Privacy Rights Act

California Privacy Rights Act Passes, Now What?

Somewhere within the election chaos, a key piece of legislation passed for the online advertising industry. The California Privacy Rights Act (CRPA) passed, which will impact eCommerce and other online segments.