GoDaddy Goes Deeper with Instagram

GoDaddy just made it easier to manage Instagram campaigns. Its direct integration lets SMBs post directly to Instagram from their GoDaddy dashboard — engendering one-stop convenience. 

Augmented reality

GoWalla Reemerges to Reinvent SoLoMo

Gowalla has been reborn. Some may remember it as the late 2000’s local check-in app that mostly played second-fiddle to Foursquare. Now it’s back for more SoLoMo action with $4 million in seed funding and an AR-based product model.


TikTok Pulls Ahead of Facebook in Time Spent

The latest sign of TikTok’s ascent is massive year-over-year growth in average time spent per month — 325 percent according to App Annie. We examine the strategic implications for marketers large and small.


Snapchat Goes Deeper on Social Mapping

The latest signal for Snap’s social mapping ambitions came this week with the acquisition of location data platform StreetCred. Mostly an “acquihire,” the deal will bring four members StreetCred team to Snap, where they’ll work on strengthening its geo-data backbone.