Pivoting with Agility: The New Product Cycle


Pivoting with Agility: The New Product Cycle

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Covid impacted how tech companies go to market with new products. With the need to quickly pivot their road maps to new market conditions and demand signals, they fast tracked products and accelerated release cycles. In doing so, they developed new muscles that could serve them in a post-Covid world. Seven mini case studies on Google, Apple, Yelp, iHeart Media, Shopify, FrontDoor and Zoom examine tactics for accelerated response to shifting market needs.



Date: May 2020

Length: 12 Pages

Composition: Charts and analysis

Table of Contents:

  • Top Ways Covid Wll Impact SMB’s Business in The Future
  • Product Innovations
  • Demand Signals
  • Mini Case Studies
    • Google and Apple’s Contact Tracing Tech
    • Yelp Highlights Virtual Services
    • iHeart Media Creates Recovery-Specific Ad Suite
    • Google My Business and Shopping Updates
    • Shopify’s User-facing App
    • Zoom Goes Back to Basics
    • Frontdoor Accelerates the Shift to Real Estate
  • Final Thoughts