Remote Work and the Local Commerce Ecosystem


Remote Work and the Local Commerce Ecosystem

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Remote work jumped from 7% to 62% in 2020. How did this impact SMBs specifically, and how have they adjusted in the Covid and post-Covid eras. This report answers these and other questions, including examining technologies that will enable SMB remote-work evolution. These technologies include video conferencing, team collaboration software, eCommerce, online and mobile payments, online booking software, virtual offices, etc.. Davinci, a leading provider of office collaboration tools like virtual offices and communications co-authored.



Date: September 2020

Length: 23 Pages

Composition: Charts and analysis

Charts Included:

  • COVID-19 Impact on local businesses in the future
  • Business owners feelings on remote employees
  • Percent of employess working remotely by business
  • Businesses level of concern over remote work productivity
  • Small business adoption of technology for productivity