The Optimal Service Model for SMBs


Do What With Me? Defining the Optimal Service Model for Small Businesses and Their Digital Presence Solutions

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“Service as a Differentiator” sounds great, but what kinds of services should you offer? In October 2020, we looked for answers straight from the source: SMBs. Among other things, we asked what level of service they want from software companies. to do this, we tapped our SMB survey panel to provide sentiments within the framework of three service models:

Do-it-Yourself (DIY), Do-it-With-Me (DIWM), Do-it-For-Me (DIFM)

If you provide digital solutions, this is a roadmap to understanding what “as a service” really means to SMBs in a quickly evolving landscape.



Date: December 2020

Length: 20 Pages

Composition: Charts and analysis

Table of Contents:

· Introduction
· Finding the Right Model
· Key Themes
· Part II: About the Survey of US Small Businesses
· Digital Presence
· App Usage
· Service Activity
· COVID Acceleration
· Making Service Better
· The Optimal DIWM Service Model
· Key Takeaways