ASG Consolidates Martech Brands Under New ‘Traject’ Banner

Over the past couple of years, Alpine Software Group, otherwise know as ASG, has been acquiring agency-focused martech companies and operating them more or less independently under the ASG Martech banner. Today, the company announced these assets now fall under a new brand, Traject. What was a collection of products is now a suite of tools designed to help marketing agencies serve their end customers all on a single platform.

In 2018-2019, ASG acquired several martech companies (heavily focused on reviews, reputation management, and SEO) that are now being consolidated under the Traject banner. These included, GatherUp, Cyfe, SERPS, Reputology, Reputation Loop, and Social Report

We spoke yesterday with Katelyn Sorensen, Traject’s VP of Sales and Marketing, about the new brand and what it means beyond a new name and logo.

“We really wanted to create a suite of tools centered around this idea that we are serving marketing agencies and we want to help our customers grow,” she said.

Traject’s suite of tools will be organized into a series of sub-brands, many combining Traject with the acquired company brands.

These include Traject Social, Traject Data, Cyfe by Traject, by Traject, GatherUp by Traject and AuthorityLabs by Traject. The suite covers a full complement of agency services, including social media management, data analytics, data visualization (Cyfe), reviews and reputation management ( and GatherUp), and keyword rank tracking (AuthorityLabs).

In this clip, Katelyn explains that the idea behind Traject is to “make it easy for our customers.” One advantage is that over time, synergies will develop among the capabilities available in each of the units. She explains further here:

“The marketing technology landscape today is massive and complex. Customers may feel overwhelmed piecing together the marketing tools they need to successfully run and grow their business. We created Traject to simplify this process and bring together a suite of best-in-class tools. We want to give our customers a plug-and-play solution that works for them,” said Alice Song, COO of Traject. “With Traject, you can keep your marketing solutions with one provider and scale up or down depending on your business’s needs.”

Along with the rebranding, Traject has streamlined the organization, with a centralized leadership team led by CEO Steve Reardon and COO Alice Song. Katelyn noted that Aaron Weiche will remain as CEO of GatherUp, which was Traject’s most recent acquisition.

Katelyn shared that the new Traject organization includes 66 employes in 22 cities and 11 countries. The company serves 10,000 customers, which have a combined 50,000 users.

Last week we featured an interview with GatherUp CEO Aaron Weiche describing the acquisition process from the acquired company’s point of view.

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