E77: From the Pyramids to Times Square — DOOH with Vistar’s Dave Rivera

From the Pyramids to Times Square -- DOOH with Vistar Media's Dave Rivera Localogy

In E77 of Localogy‘s This Week in Local podcast, we share one of the key moments from Localogy’s April L24 conference in Arlington, Texas. Our friend and colleague Dan Hight sat down with Dave Rivera, VP of Channel Partnerships at Vistar Media, to learn the ins and outs of digital out-of-home (DOOH).

DOOH is a medium that Rivera says is as old as cave paintings and will be relevant as long as people are out and about. That sounds like forever, barring a dystopian catastrophe.


Rivera says DOOH is “not like other formats where listenership is going down. As long as people go outside, this is still a highly relevant channel.”

Rivera says DOOH has been propelled by the emergence of programmatic advertising. Going forward retail media will be a major driver, Rivera said. This enabled national DOOH buys. But the channel has been held back by a lack of education on how it performs.


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