E45: This Week’s Pod Delves into Amazon SMB Ads and AI Meeting Bots

“This starts to….provoke various thoughts on Amazon as an SMB channel.”

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In Episode 45 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, senior analysts Charles Laughlin and Mike Boland sound off on Amazon SMB ads and AI-enhanced online meetings. 

First Mike talks about a new option for SMB-facing agencies and publishers to sell inventory from a major advertising platform. In this case, the ads are from Amazon, and Hibu is the guinea pig for this partnership model.

Charles then trots out one of his many hobby horses – the future of work. In this instance, he asks if the pivots and now rebranding of what was once Waitroom (now Rumi.ai) signal trouble in the fledgling “remote tech” space, or is Rumi just being opportunistic and pivoting to positioning itself clearly as an AI-enhanced meeting play and not as an alternative to Zoom. 

And please remember to listen to the very end to catch the hosts’ nominations for “Who Won the Week”. Perhaps the analysts will mention you or your company.

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