Localogy 2022 — Growing with TikTok

“Don’t make ads, make TikToks.” TikTok is a discovery platform. And if a brand or local business wants to blow up on TikTok, they need to understand this insight.

That was the key lesson from two young TikTok creators sharing the stage with TikTok’s Alexis Gallivan to share insights on how understanding the alchemy of TikTok can pay incredible dividends to brands.

The creators were Maria Viera, who describes herself as a “Latina foodie” who runs the YumYumFeast account. And Ashley Lee is with Drink Sanzo, an Asian sparkling water brand.

TikTok works in a fundamentally different way than other social platforms. Don’t chase engagement. Put content up there and it is shown to those who want to see it. Good content will go much further with less effort on TikTok.

Both creators are adept at posting content that is fun, original, and tapping into trends to go viral.

Key Takeaways

Here are some highlights from the conversation.

  • Maria advises that businesses should post daily, and give more of what users want if something goes viral. Be consistent and communicate with your audience, for example, if the frequency is going to drop for a week.
  • Ashley favors quality over quantity. Must stay relevant and true to your brand. And posting bad content just to post will
  • Content has to be native to TikTok. Repurposed content doesn’t do as well.
  • Brands can’t take themselves too seriously on TikTok. DrinkSanzo posted about boiled sparkling water — just to get a reaction. It’s easy to see many brands being horrified at the idea of promoting the misuse of their products. If so they miss the point of TikTok, which is a true discovery platform. Be interesting or don’t bother.

Growing with TikTok

Small businesses are growing, and so is TikTok—and when the two combine forces, they have the power to drive business results in a big way. Sujatha will be joined onstage by a creator and 2 local businesses as they highlight how to engage a massive audience that’s looking for the new and the next right now, shopping and buying and specifically seeking out small businesses to support.

Alexis Gallivan, Head of Engagement Marketing – TikTok
Maria Viera, Creator – YumYumFeast
Ashley Lee – Drink Sanzo

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