Localogy 2021: Workplaces in Transition

The term digital transformation has been thrown around a lot in the Covid era. And perhaps the biggest transformation is the way we work. Speaking as someone who has worked remotely for almost 20 years, the benefits are there — but now this realization has been forced on a greater scale.

So how is this working for tech companies including new protocols for productivity and operational efficiencies?  We dove into the future workplace at Localogy 2020 today.

Key Takeaways

— Matchcraft has gone completely virtual. It was based in 22,000 square feet in Santa Monica so L.A. traffic caused 60 percent of staff to prefer remote work. It’s a matter of quality of work-life, which impacts productivity, morale, and cascading effect on other things.

— The other issue is that everyone is facing high turnover from millennial sensibilities. So the need to keep people happy in the above ways is amplified.

— One sticking point has always been managerial fear of productivity loss, as they can’t see employees. But the data is showing that productivity has sustained, if not increased, according to Microsoft. It’s a matter of employees earning trust through demonstrating high-value work.

— Hybrid structures can strike a balance for the socially-fueled employees and those who value flexibility. Microsoft chose 50 percent of time in the office (roughly 2.5) days, but importantly, they get to choose when. Matchraft lets people have a designated desk, as long as they commit to 3 days in office. Others don’t have a permanent desk. Each company’s formula will be different and purpose-built.

Workplaces in Transition

The way we work has changed forever. From communication, culture, to commuting, we need to rethink today’s workplaces to better serve organizations and employees as they evolve. Join leaders in HR, Real Estate, and SaaS as they re-approach the workday of the future.

Sandy Lohr
Matthew Duncan
Sr. Director, Thought Leadership + Marketing Future of Work

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