Localogy 2021: Frictionless Commerce – Ideas in Practice

Reducing friction is the name of the game in SMB marketing and SaaS. That goes for SMB-facing friction, as well as friction that can be found in their customer-facing products.  A panel at Localogy 2021 today dove into challenges and tactics in this eternal battle to reduce friction in local commerce Key Takeaways — Friction […]

Localogy 2021: Frictionless Commerce

Earlier today at Localogy 2021, Facebook’s Digital Retail Lead for Automotive, Trevor King shared some insight on innovations in creating a more memorable customer journey. Really, Trevor’s focus was on the notion of  “discovery commerce” which is the process of anticipating consumer needs and matching them with products consistent with those needs. And then integrating […]

Localogy 2021: Partnerships that Drive Results

It takes a village to serve local marketing products. Maybe not a village, but partnering to buttress a go-to-market strategy is the name of the game. We’re talking everything from product integrations to channel partnerships to for the last mile to SMB adoption. This was the focus of a panel discussion today at Localogy 2021. […]

Localogy 2021: The Evolution of NLP

We speak in natural language. So why do we search in keywords? As AI and voice search continue to develop –driven by Google’s knowledge graph — consumer behavior is shifting with it. This is natural language processing (NLP), the focus of Yext Chief Data Officer Christian Ward’s talk today at Localogy 2021. Key Takeaways — […]

Localogy 2021: Pivoting with Agility

One of the business realities of the past 18 months is pivoting to new environmental factors. Most successful companies in the Covid era — besides those in Covid-advantaged sectors like eCommerce — have pivoted to meet the moment. We dove into this topic at Localogy 2021 today with Podium and Newfold Digital. Key Takeaways — […]

Localogy 2021: A Fireside Chat with SOCi CEO Afif Khoury

This morning at Localogy 2021, our Senior Analyst Mike Boland sat down with Afif Khoury, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist known to us as the fou0nder & CEO and of the social media marketing platform SOCi. Afif is also a founder of Axon Ventures, a VC firm that “provides an alternative venture investment vehicle to […]

Localogy 2021: Embracing the ‘Near Me’ CX

Nick Hedges, Chief Strategy Officer, MomentFeed/Uberall, took the stage this morning at Localogy 2021 to talk about the emerging “Near-Me” customer experience. The session began with a review of Uberall’s recent acquisition of MomentFeed, which Nick led as CEO. Then it pivoted to a discussion of how Covid has impacted how consumers find and interact […]

Localogy 2021: Workplaces in Transition

The term digital transformation has been thrown around a lot in the Covid era. And perhaps the biggest transformation is the way we work. Speaking as someone who has worked remotely for almost 20 years, the benefits are there — but now this realization has been forced on a greater scale. So how is this […]