Localogy 2021

Video Vault: Pivoting with Agility

When Covid hit, the technology needs of small businesses owners changed almost overnight. Suddenly they needed contactless everything. This was true from ordering products, to


Video Vault: Defining the M&A Environment

What’s the state of the current M&A and investing environments? To break this down, a panel of investors and M&A advisors at Localogy 2021 batted around the topic. We have video and summarized takeaways.

buy now pay later

Video Vault: The Future of Payments

Fintech is revolutionizing the small business space. From “contactless everything” to small business lending to new purchase financing methodologies, fintech is making life better for

Augmented reality

Video Vault: The Metaverse Meets Main Street

Though metaverse musings often focus on digital domains like networked gaming, it will also apply to the real world. Digital twins will overlay the physical world to evoke relevant and geo-anchored AR. We examined during a Localogy 2021 panel.

conversational commerce

Place Rewind: Facebook Drives Towards ‘Conversational Business’

You’ve likely heard the term ‘conversational commerce.’ This refers to marketing, sales and customer service that happens over messaging channels. This a North Star for Facebook’s Channing Hancock Christensen who we interviewed at Localogy Place.

Place Rewind

Place Rewind: ‘Creative is King’ on TikTok

How is TikTok emerging as not only a cultural phenomenon but an SMB marketing channel? We tackle these questions in an interview with TikTok itself — the topic of this week’s Place Rewind.

Data Scout

Place Rewind: What’s Location Data’s UX Impact?

How does location data impact the user experience that plays out several steps downstream? And what’s the state of the Art in location intelligence? We tackle these questions in an interview with Gimbal — the topic of this week’s Place Rewind.

Pro Features

Video Vault: Breaking Down Aggregation Theory

What is aggregation theory? You may already know the term or have heard it mentioned. Still, it’s one of the most under-exposed phenomena in an otherwise buzzword-happy business environment. We break it down.

Augmented reality

Vimeo Spotlights SMB Resilience

This is the latest in Localogy’s Video Vault series. On an ongoing basis, it examines selected conference talks and other video formats, including embedded video