Augmented reality

Niantic Tees Up a ‘Real-World Metaverse’

Niantic Lightship is a platform that will empower developers to build Pokemon Go-like geospatial AR experiences. It takes the game’s architecture and spatial mapping chops and wraps it up in a platform. 


Let’s Grab a Bite in the Metaverse

The notion of having a meal in the metaverse conjures that scene in the matrix where Cypher (Joe Pantoliano) savors a rare steak and cabernet


The Metaverse Meets Your Local Grocer

London-based Dent Reality wants to bring AR-guided store navigation from concept to reality. It raised $3.4 million to power in-store AR navigation last week and we explore the dynamics & drivers.

Augmented reality

Video Vault: The Metaverse Meets Main Street

Though metaverse musings often focus on digital domains like networked gaming, it will also apply to the real world. Digital twins will overlay the physical world to evoke relevant and geo-anchored AR. We examined during a Localogy 2021 panel.


Foursquare Beefs Up Places API

Foursquare continues to add features to its flagship Places API to embolden brands’ and developers’ location-based capabilities. The latest is a new autocomplete endpoint, and we examine strategic takeaways.