E58 Looks at TiKTok’s Vision Pro Play & AI IPO Flexes

In E58 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, the hosts kick around two topics on their radar.

First, Localogy Senior Analyst Mike Boland explains why short video juggernaut TikTok is playing its cards right with its approach to building an app for the new Apple Vision Pro device.

Mike says TikTok is smart to build natively for Vision Pro, versus just porting over its existing IOS app to the new environment.

Then co-host and fellow Localogy Senior Analyst Charles Laughlin brings up a topic that was all over tech and business news coverage last week. And that was fintech Klarna’s announcement that it has developed a customer support chatbot that does the work of 700 people. Quite an AI flex, particularly for a company poised to go public later this year, with hopes to raise $20 billion from the offering. Klarna was once Europe’s most valuable startup, with a peak valuation of more than $45 billion.

Please listen to catch the full discussion in this brief but highly engaging episode.

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