Chatmeter Embracing AI-based Risk Monitoring

Chatmeter Embracing AI-based Risk Monitoring

Chatmeter helps multi-location brands stay on top of things like responding consistently to reviews. Now it is showing how this industry is advancing in the AI era.

This week Chatmeter announced Risk Monitoring, which the company says is “an AI technology that gives businesses the ability to identify and prevent the next major crisis. Risk Monitoring is the newest feature of Chatmeter’s Pulse AI platform.”

This new tool seems like a natural marriage between AI and reputation monitoring. Simply put, Risk Monitoring uses AI to sift through reviews and social media posts to flag potential problems in the modern world where brands have to have their guards up across a multitude of fronts. 

The new Chatmeter tool classifies risky reviews and posts into one of seven categories – discrimination, harassment, customer safety, employee safety, unfair business practices, theft, and food safety. It’s not difficult to imagine the potential consequences of missing a red flag in any of these categories. 

Essentially this is what reputation monitoring has always set out to do. Now AI makes the process faster and presumably better. 

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Just in Time

Chatmeter CEO John Mazur suggests in his comment for the announcement that AI-based risk monitoring has arrived just in time, given the pace and risk level of online reputation monitoring. 

“In the realm of online reputation management, the stakes have never been higher for businesses navigating the digital landscape,” Mazur says.

“Negative, business-threatening commentary spreads online with the click of a button. Therefore multi-location brands must put themselves in a position where they can address – and take action against – these risks. Recognizing this, our team has pioneered Risk Monitoring. , a groundbreaking product that leverages proprietary Chatmeter AI to sift through the noise of online reviews and social media to pinpoint potential risks with unprecedented accuracy.”

The shift to AI-based risk monitoring has made it easier for Chatmeter to avoid the landmines that brands face today. Today, user-generated content can make or break a business. 

“Chatmeter’s new Risk Monitoring feature is assessing our online reviews in a way that truly matters in today’s hyper-digital era,” said Lloyd Kim, Operational Services Manager at Paris Baguette North America.

“We have increased visibility and awareness of risks that may impact our business. And that allows us to respond quicker than before. Our responsiveness to tackle risks has improved like never before.”

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