E57 Explores Free Content and Lonely Unicorns

In E57 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast, the hosts kick around two topics on their radar.

First, Localogy Senior Analyst Mike Boland explains why the tide may be turning against paywalled content. I mean, let’s face it. People like free stuff.

Then co-host and fellow Localogy Senior Analyst Charles Laughlin talks about why Sam Altman believes AI is making the solopreneur unicorn a possibility sooner than we might think.

In his thread, Mike notes that many content platforms have discontinued premium content layers in a possible signal that consumers would rather look at a few ads than pay a monthly subscription.

Charles raises comments from OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (among others) who believes that AI tools are making it possible for one person to scale a tech startup. This will soon lead to the first solopreneur unicorn, Altman believes. Charles also thinks this will lead to a flood of unicorn wannabees who fall on their faces.

Please listen to catch the full discussion in this brief by highly engaging episode.

Time Stamps
  • Content Wanna Be Free 00:22
  • The Lonely AI Unicorn 10:12
  • Who Won the Week Mike 17:00
  • Who Won the Week Charles 19:31
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