Soci Appoints Software Veteran to CRO Position

Multi-location marketing leader Soci has announced that software veteran Ed Calnan will take over the role of president and chief revenue officer. There, the three-time entrepreneur will help drive Soci’s strategic growth, partnerships, and market expansion, while overseeing revenue-generating functions.

Calnan’s software experience and tenure should add tangible value to Soci’s growth trajectory. After co-founding sales enablement and marketing orchestration company Seismic, he grew it to $300 million in revenue, 1,500 employees, 2,000+ customers, six acquisitions, and a current valuation around $3 billion.

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Aptitude and Acumen

In addition to aptitude and acumen in the software world broadly speaking, Calnan brings a specific level of perspective on Soci’s sweet spot of multi-location brands. This will prime him with a combination of domain expertise and a fresh eye to spot new opportunities and synergies in Soci’s evolutionary path.

For example, Calnan was drawn to Soci’s recent AI-powered innovations such as SOCi Genius. This should bring more automation to rote elements of multi-location marketing, making marketing pros more effective while giving them back the most valuable resource: time. This is one area Calnan will focus on.

“With our robust suite of resources, including SOCi Genius, and a team that’s second to none, I’m excited to collaborate with my SOCi colleagues and clients to shape the future of marketing technology, Calnan told Localogy Insider.”

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Professional Graph

Beyond the product itself, Calnan says he was also drawn to SOCi’s people and its culture. This is a common refrain we hear as industry analysts, given the unique culture of innovation and autonomy fostered by CEO Afif Khory – a theme he echoed during an interview we did with him a while back.

Calnan will now join the ship. We’ll watch closely to see what his unique set of skills – and his fresh eye – bring to SOCi’s table. Meanwhile, fun fact: the growth equity firm JMI Equity shares both Seismic and SOCi in its portfolio, a professional graph that likely sparked or influenced this appointment.

“Success in today’s digital landscape hinges on how businesses engage with their customers,” said Calnan. “SOCi has already proven itself as a game-changer in this regard, and I’m thrilled to join the team.

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