Ep. 24 Kicks Around MSFT AI & BNPL Regulation

Episode 24 of Localogy’s This Week in Local podcast shares two issues of interest to the local commerce ecosystem.

First, co-host Mike Boland summarizes some of the key outcomes from Microsoft’s recent Build conference. The Build event focused heavily on Microsoft’s recent generative AI-related product rollouts. These range from Bing to Microsoft’s flagship Office products. These developments will help to make AI much more of a regular feature in our daily lives. 

Moving on from Build, Co-host Charles Laughlin brings up a favorite topic, Buy Now, Pay Later. Specifically, he describes how officials in Australia have begun regulating BNPL as any other credit provider, a move that could be copied in the United States, the UK, and other developed markets.

The buy now, pay later industry has strenuously avoided the credit label to this point and has positioned itself as a preferable alternative to credit. now the industry is avoiding the term “buy now, pay later.”

Big Tech Blitzes AI, Part II: Microsoft

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Regulators Swooping in on Thriving BNPL

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