Localogy Acquires Localized Marketing News Pioneer Street Fight

Street Fight + Localogy

MarTech and SaaS-Focused Web Magazine Joins the Association’s Family of Local Content

May 2, 2022 – Troy, Michigan – Localogy announces the acquisition of localized MarTech and SaaS-focused online magazine Street Fight, empowering the Local industry trade organization’s already robust library of original content and research. Localogy purchased the publication from multi-location focused, marketing software leader SOCi, who took on the news brand and its direction through the acquisition of Brandify in 2021.

“We are thrilled to include this iconic, localized marketing news source as part of our organization, deepening our support for the Local industry,” says Localogy CEO Bill Dinan. “We have long served SMB-SaaS, brand, agency, and media audiences with compelling and first-to-market B2B content and insights, and with Street Fight, we will further expand our multi-location focus.”

Street Fight will remain an editorially independent publication and events company, and day-to-day operations will remain the same, led by Managing Editor Joe Zappa and Senior Editor Stephanie Miles, who will continue with the now shared mission and vision for the publication. In working with Localogy, both teams plan to expand the reach and visibility of the Street Fight brand and amplify its storytelling, powered by additional resources, content, and research.

“We are looking forward to Localogy providing Street Fight additional editorial resources and expertise, which will help us grow our audience and achieve our mission of becoming the most urgent source of news and insights on localized digital marketing,” said Joe Zappa, managing editor of Street Fight. “Street Fight’s editors are excited to join a company that is committed to maintaining Street Fight’s editorial independence while enriching our content and strategic vision as the leading multi-location marketing publication.”

For more information on Street Fight and how you can contribute, visit streetfightmag.com.

About Localogy
Localogy is a not-for-profit trade association comprised of SaaS, media, agency, and multi-location brand members that help small businesses thrive in an increasingly localized world. Localogy’s members, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, General Motors, Wix, Edward Jones, and Ace Hardware, represent today’s top organizations in local commerce. Localogy is dedicated to helping its members succeed through research, insights, education, events, consulting services, and more. For more information or to become a member, please visit localogy.com.

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