Work from Home, Ghost Kitchen Trends Collide in Indonesia

The ghost (or cloud) kitchen concept was born of the notion that a restaurant can exist in the cloud. This is misleading of course, because you can’t eat a hamburger that exists only as ones and zeroes. Except in the Matrix but that’s a rabbit hole we’ll avoid for the moment. Exaggerations about time, space, […]

Mapping Mashup, Part II: Snap

What’s the latest from Snap Maps? It recently announced a structural enhancement known as “layers.” Think of this as different data sets in the map that you can toggle on and off (food, events, etc.) depending on your interests.

Is SpotOn Spot On? Only Time will Tell

As we continue to observe the ever-changing dynamics and challenges facing SMB SaaS, we keep discovering new companies to cover in order to bring you a holistic view of the space. In that context, we learned last week about yet another SMB SaaS operation raising a very large chunk of money. To be precise, $125 […]

The Advertising Revolution: Robotic Process Automation

When you think of step-changes in technology, inventions like the dishwasher or the vacuum cleaner — even the self-driving car — might come to mind. These innovations eliminate menial tasks like scrubbing dishes or navigating highways from daily routines and give people precious time back on increasingly busy days. Robotic process automation (RPA) is another […]