How Much Will Tracking Opt-outs Impact Ad Tech?

In iOS 14.5, Apple sends users notifications about apps that are tracking them. Moreover, it offers a quick and easy way to opt-out of tracking, which otherwise lingers in the background unnoticed. What will be the impact?

Data Offers a Look at U.S. Small Business Recovery Trends by City

We came across this cool data somewhere out on the web. The data underlying the visualization looks at the trend lines for small business revenues since January 2020. This page from the website Opportunity Insights is quite interesting. From what we can tell, Opportunity Insights is a not-for-profit, non-partisan entity that is located at Harvard […]

What “Near Me” Means in 3D

Like a spouse who completes your sentences, Google predictively adds “near me” to just about anything you type in the search bar. It’s a natural expression of what we’re usually looking for – the most convenient service available. Plenty of mobile apps are designed around the same concept. Friend finders, family safety apps, parking apps, […]