Localogy 20/20: Autonomous Automobiles

In the smartphone era, another device has started to emerge as the ultimate mobile device: your car. That’s being driven (excuse the pun) by Tesla and others that innovate driving experiences. But the next inflection in that evolutionary path is autonomous vehicles (AVs) that can see their surroundings via computer vision. This is where Intel’s […]

Localogy 20/20: Technologies for SMBs in the Changing Physical World

It is really fun to have a history with panelists. Whether the sessions are in-person as in the past (and will be again) or virtually like Localogy 20/20. That was definitely the case when I interviewed long time friend and industry activist Dave Galvan this afternoon. As we mentioned, Dave and I first met maybe […]

Localogy 20/20: Out of Home – Finally a Seat at the Table?

Out-of-home has always been the ugly stepchild of the media industry. It was still paper and paste when everything else was going digital. Or so goes its reputation. So it’s always interesting to hear a smart person working in the OOH industry talk about what is really going on. This morning at the Localogy 20/20 […]

Localogy 20/20: Privacy in a High-Speed World

So you might be inclined to think there are better ways to spend half an hour than listening to two lawyers in sport coats talk about data privacy. More fun? Sure. Got me there. More important? That’s debatable given how critical the data privacy issue is to anyone working with stacks of customer data, and […]

Localogy 20/20: Store Attribution Marches On

The location intelligence sector has been somewhat turbulent over the past year. It’s endured privacy-related headwinds from public sector measures (GDPR, CCPA) as well as private sector ones (iOS13). That was the case before a pandemic upended yet another data source: people engaged in local commerce. But according to Foursquare CEO David Shim in a […]

Localogy 20/20: Modernizing Multi-Location Marketing

I have moderated a few sessions with Monica Ho of SOCi over the years. Monica is the commensurate professional and is always a pleasure to have on a panel. On today’s panel, Monica invited a SOCi client to join us — Christian Betancourt from Self Esteem Brands. Monica‚Äôs main theme is centered around the notion […]

Localogy 20/20: Reimagining the ‘In Home Services’ Experience

The home services space is unique in so many respects. This was made very clear during a conversation this morning between Localogy’s Dan Hight and HomeAdvisor President & COO Craig Smith during the Localogy 20/20 virtual event. Home services are (mostly) booming during the pandemic, while many other local sectors have been decimated. Technology hasn’t […]