Is Email Marketing Having a Moment?

Email marketing open rates spiked in March and April, according to recent data from Campaign Monitor. There was a big jump in open rates from February to March 2020, according to Campaign Monitor’s new “Email Marketing Benchmarks: COVID-19 Edition.” And open rates in March and April were up by four percentage points year over year. […]

Ninth Decimal Quantifies CV-19’s Local Business Impact, Part II

Data Scout is Localogy’s series that curates and draws meaning from third-party data. Running semi-weekly, it adds an analytical layer to the industry data that we encounter in daily knowledge building. For Localogy original data, see the separate Modern Commerce Monitor™️ series. Over the past two months, we’ve examined data on local-commerce foot traffic patterns […]

AEs, SDRs Paying the Price for SaaS Sales Declines

I came across this really interesting blog post discussing the state of B2B SaaS sales. On this blog, we’ve examined a number of scenarios where B2B SaaS companies are contemplating reductions in force to reduce their cash burn to survive this very tough business cycle. Some of the data in the post come via a […]