Zoho Releases Bolster its “Business Operating System” Platform

Cloud software provider Zoho rolled out two product releases and one update today that advance its strategy of being a one-stop resource for businesses to run their operations entirely in the cloud.

Today the company rolled out ZohoFlow, a drag and drop application that allows businesses to create workflows between business applications, which enables businesses to eliminate manual tasked from their business processes.

Zoho PageSense is a new website optimization tool that allows marketers to test and analyze the effectiveness of every element of their web presence.

The company also released a new version of its DIY website builder Zoho Sites. Enhancements in the new release include an new UI, availability of dynamic backgrounds, pre-build websites and integration with other Zoho tools (e.g., CRM).

While not marketing exclusively to small businesses, Zoho’s CRM and other cloud tools are widely used by SMBs. Zoho competes with other SaaS companies striving to lock in businesses wallet share and loyalty by providing them with an integrated set of tools that allow them to do everything from acquiring and nurturing customers (CRM) to accounting, email marketing, HR and productivity.

As we wrote here yesterday, the LSA’s Tech Adoption Index survey of small businesses found that half of SMBs say they would prefer to have all or most of their business apps provided through a single source.

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