YP Launches Celebrity Anchored Campaign #MakeEveryDayLocal

YP is the probably lone US traditional-digital local search provider to continue invest in its consumer-facing brand at any level of visibility or scale. The company has launched a number of brand-related campaigns and continues to evolve its messaging.

A little less than a year ago the company changed its tagline from “The New Way to Do” to “Can do that.” The central idea, as you can guess, is not searching but “doing” — completing tasks and concluding transactions.

YP can do that

Today the company launched a new campaign (#MakeEveryDayLocal) with a focus on social media, anchored by celebrities and local “influencers.” Celebrities will appear in short “documentary style [videos] talking about their favorite hometown businesses.”

Here’s how YP describes the mechanics and emphasis of the campaign:

“Make Every Day Local” follows a two year brand awareness campaign as part of a rebranding effort following YP’s spinoff from AT&T. This campaign is different in that the content will be driven entirely by social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It will also feature influential local bloggers and user generated content about favorite businesses and include local VIP meetups where consumers can gain access to exclusive experiences with various local businesses.

The celebrity videos feature news anchors and reality stars Giuliana and Bill Rancic (Chicago), ESPN anchor Hannah Storm (NYC), and country music artist Jake Owen (Nashville). They are being executive produced by barrettSF and directed by Christian Sorensen Hansen of Society, who has also shot acclaimed work for Audi, Travel Oregon, and Boston Scientific. The celebrity influencers were chosen because of their appeal to the YP “doer” audience, which show interest in sports, entertainment, music and food.

Here’s the first video in the series:

The campaign also ties into and promotes YP’s app and the MyBook personalization functionality of the PC and the app. The celebrity influencers at the center of the campaign (here Bill and Giuliana) are creating lists of their favorite places that you can browse or save to your own MyBook collections.

YP campaign

YP my book

We’ll see ultimately if the campaign achieves its social media objectives. But the concept of associating YP’s brand with insider knowledge, local favorites and with familiar, well-liked people dispensing that information is smart.

MyBook is a very useful feature of the app that has the potential to drive retention and repeat usage. The last time I spoke with YP CTO Darren Clark he told me MyBook was in fact generating more engagement and usage, as intended.

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