Yext Summer Rollout Answers the ‘New Normal’ of Customer Queries

Today Yext released a slate of  summer product features designed to help businesses address the new reality of customer queries — from “do you require masks?” to “do you offer curbside pickup?”

According to today’s announcement, the “answers” company wants to “provide businesses more flexibility to customize their search results in a rapidly changing environment.”

Yext Chief Strategy Officer Marc Ferrintino said the following in a video announcing the rollout.

“You are likely seeing customers asking you question you never imagined you would get,” Ferrentino says in the video. “Our mission is to help you provide an official answer to any customer questions, no matter the situation. For the past few months, we’ve been hard at work on features that help you do exactly that.”

Here’s a quick summary of the Yext’s summer features announced today. The company offers a more detailed summary here.

Query Rules

“In addition to answering consumers’ questions, businesses may want to highlight specific content in their search results depending on their unique goals and strategies. The new Query Rules feature allows businesses that are leveraging Answers, Yext’s innovative site search product, to configure special rules that fine-tune search results based on a certain query, where a search takes place, whether a user is logged in, and more.”

Jobs Enhancements

“Yext has added several new features across the platform to help businesses navigate the hiring process more efficiently. In addition to specifying job details with new fields like Work Remote, businesses can attract new talent by creating search-optimized landing pages for jobs with customizable calls to action, adding jobs to existing landing pages, and syncing job data from Greenhouse to Yext.”

Deleted Review Recognition

“Businesses now have control over how reviews that are deleted by customers on sites like Google or Facebook appear in the Yext platform. With Deleted Review Recognition, they have the option of either keeping and flagging a deleted review as “Removed” or deleting it permanently to get a more accurate reflection of external ratings in their dashboard and better understand what customers are saying about them.”

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