Yext Boosts Service & Support

Yext today signaled an elevated commitment to service and support by creating a new role… and filling it. Retroactively effective June 1st, Joe Jorczak will occupy the newly minted seat of Head of Industry for Service and Support. He brings 20+ years of customer-oriented experience to the role (more on that in a bit).

So what is this new role? Details are scant, but a Yext release specifies that Jorczak will “define and execute the strategic direction for Yext’s service and support offerings, including the recently launched Support Answers.” The latter is a highly-propelled effort at Yext, within its overall “Answers” framework.

Answers, for those unfamiliar, is a sort of North Star for several Yext products, built on the philosophy that people search for answers, not links. This builds from the concept of knowledge graphs, but democratizes the capability for enterprises to have their own knowledge graph, and attract direct-navigation traffic.

Support Answers brings this concept to enterprise service and support. In other words, enterprises can set up Answers-like search functionality to address customer support queries. This makes it a tool that works towards both customer satisfaction, and operational-efficiency in enterprise-support functions.

Answers is of course a very AI-centric endeavor. Accordingly, Yext has leaned into AI over the past several years as it builds out answers-based products. As a side note, it’s notable that Yext’s tagline in this release is the AI Search Company. This may not be new, but we noticed it for the first time (credit: Bill Dinan).

Back to Jorczak and his alignment with the new role, he’s held previous roles at Zendesk, Oracle IBM and Medallia.  He drove sales and go-to-market strategy at Zendesk; strategic accounts at Medallia; accelerating clients’ digital transformation at Oracle’ and vendor partner development at IBM.

We congratulate Jorczak and Yext on the new development.

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