Yext Answers Three UK’s Online CX Challenge

Three UK, a player in Britain’s competitive mobile telecom marketplace, has managed to dramatically improve its online customer service experience via its Yext partnership. Three used Yext answers to improve the results coming from queries via its website search bar.

Within a week of integrating Yext Answers, Three saw a 42% drop in customer support contacts caused bad search results. Three also fielded more than 400,000 searches and drove more than 253,000 clicks within a month of integrating Answers.

Yext Answers is a site search product that discerns consumer intent and puts dynamic answers on company websites. The purpose is to help consumers convert within search results.

Yext’s answers product is in sync with some of the biggest trends in search. Chief among these is zero-click search, in which a searcher’s query is satisfied right at the top of the search results page, requiring no further clicks to complete the search. Localogy discussed the philosophy behind Answers in-depth in a February podcast with Duane Forrester, Yext’s in-house thought leader.

CX Drives Value

We’ve written a lot about customer experience on Localogy Insider. Helping local businesses and multi-location brands deliver superior CX both online and offline was important before the crisis. During the crisis, it has often been what keeps businesses afloat.

Delivering better CX also helps the bottom line. In fact, PWC ran a study that found customers are willing to pay 16% more in exchange for better customer experience.

“People have been even more dependent on their mobile devices during this current COVID-19 crisis, so it’s critical that our website is up-to-date with important information that is easy to access,” said Graham Johnston, Head of Omnichannel at Three.

Online customer experience also becomes more important when retail stores close down. Yext’s UK-based managing director John Buss made note of this in a statement.

“Retail footfall has been hugely impacted by this pandemic, so the online experience has never been more important,” Buss said. “By using Yext Answers, Three has been able to react quickly to the current situation to build consumer trust, improve performance, and deliver results.”

Three uses other solutions within the Yext Search Experience Cloud in addition to Answers, including listings, reviews, and pages. Three has been working with Yext for roughly 16 months.

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