Why SIM Partners Think a Cubs World Series Win Is Important for Brands

The historic World Series win for the Chicago Cubs is big news nationally, but even more so for the Chicago area and Illinois as a whole. SIM Partners, a Chicago-based provider of marketing technology for multi-location businesses and new LSA member, is excited about the win as fans, but also as location-based marketers.

The company’s location management platform, Velocity, is built to help brands reach local consumers with unique, contextually relevant messaging that can be updated to respond to local events and news. The World Series win, for example, is great marketing fodder for brands with brick and mortar locations in the Chicago area – particularly the North Side and the Wrigleyville neighborhood – and Velocity helps brands get these messages in front of local consumers in the “near me” moments that matter.


The solution takes a three pronged approach (above). First, and foundational to all other activities to follow, the Velocity platform helps brands with location data management for improved search discovery. With a more findable business, the solution provides publishing tools that allow advertisers to push contextually (locally) relevant messages via landing page experiences, mobile wallet offers, beacons and more. Finally, insights and performance is measured and shared via a robust analytics tool.

From a practical standpoint, brands with a number of Chicago, or even Illinois locations could use the platform to update landing page content to reflect a special “Cub Fan Appreciation” deal or promo when local consumers conduct a relevant search (organic and/or paid). On mobile, the promo could be downloaded into the mobile wallet. The brand could then trigger location-based notifications to those who downloaded the deal.

This is similar to a Shoe Carnival case study SIM Partners presented at the 2016 Place Conference in Chicago. Shoe Carnival simply pushed a 20% off Velocity Wallet offer on store landing pages with the call to action being an “add to wallet” for the promotion. The pages also had important store information such as location (map, address), hours, phone and more.

These use cases are very interesting, and according to Gib Olander, VP of product at SIM Partners, local relevance starts with the data, which is precisely why the Velocity product offers location data management tools. However, Olander, like others in the industry, challenged the importance of “accuracy.”

He said that accuracy and consistency is of course important especially as it relates to name, address, phone and website. But the data that go beyond NAP+W can be the difference between a new customer and a missed opportunity. According to a new YP study, 48% of local shoppers said secondary biz info like services offered, deals, photos, etc., caused them to select one business over another.

All of this is to say that there are some great opportunities for brands to reach and engage with local consumers with relevant messages and offers. SIM Partners appears to be unlocking some of that potential, as they celebrate the Cubs big win.

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