What is a Customer Experience Strategy?

According to Adobe’s digital trends report, customer experience, or CX,  has been listed as the single most exciting opportunity for businesses in 2020. Why? When companies invest in customer experience, they will see an increase in sales and a boost in customer satisfaction. In fact, customers are willing to pay 16% more for great CX. How can your business take advantage of this opportunity? 

Customer experience is not a simple, one-time solution. It requires careful planning and conscious strategizing to reach your business’s goals. Learn how you can create a customer experience strategy to help your business get ahead. 

Defining Customer Experience Strategy

A customer experience strategy is your business’s “how-to” guide for building a fantastic customer experience. A strong strategy will lead to customer delight across every touchpoint and interaction. Every business wants improved customer experience. Your customer experience strategy is the road map that gets you there.

Why is a Customer Experience Strategy Important for Your Business? 

Customer experience can mean different things to different people. Because of this, it’s easy for the CX goals of your company to get muddled if there is not a strong, unified message. By creating a customer experience strategy, your whole organization will have a clear understanding of what customer experience means to your company, and how to turn that common vision into a reality. 

How to Build a Successful Customer Experience Strategy

To build a strong customer experience strategy, follow these four steps. 

Visualize Success 

What does a fantastic customer experience look like to you? Try to imagine what a successful customer experience strategy would accomplish. Be as specific as possible. A great way to do this is by writing an intent statement. This intent statement should be an outcome-oriented vision that helps unify your organization to provide fantastic CX. Writing a customer experience intent statement should give you a better understanding of your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them. 

Identify Your Customer

Who is your customer? Don’t say “everyone.” If you try to appeal to everyone, you water down your company’s message and lose focus on your customer experience strategy. Figure out who your customer is by identifying their key characteristics. How much money do they make? How old are they? Keep asking yourself questions until you get a clear picture of this customer in your mind. 

Figure Out What Sets You Apart

What is your competitive advantage? What are some values your business has that you’re proud of? For example, if you are an auto body shop that prides itself on honest pricing, include this messaging in your customer communications. Hone in on your strengths and see how you can include those qualities in your customer experience strategy. 

Measure Your Success

You cannot know if you’re hitting the mark if you don’t have ways to measure your success. What metrics will you use to calculate your progress? Figure out what measurement will work best to understand your customer’s experience and see if your strategy has been successful. 


Fantastic customer experience is vital for your company to be successful, and you cannot achieve great CX without conscious strategizing. Though it can seem overwhelming. Take a look at this article to learn more about how your business can build a powerful customer experience strategy

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