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SMBs are clearly challenged under lockdown and shelter-in-place orders. While not trivializing those real levels of SMB pain and constraint, it’s sometimes helpful to take inspiration from the resistance and innovation seen from some. As we’ve said, shifting ground is where innovation lives.

We’ve covered several such SMB stories over the past month, including creative ways to sell and deliver products while social distancing. That’s obviously easier for some businesses (food and hard goods) than others (high-touch service). But even some SMBs in the latter camp are making it work.

In that spirit, Vimeo has produced a new series that zeroes in on SMB stories. Known as Stories in Place, the series runs the Gamut of SMBs – Barbers to Sea Urchin divers. We cherry-picked a few as part of our ongoing Friday Video Vault series. See selections embedded below and check out the full lot here.

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