Top 10 Articles on LSA Insider from Q2 2015

From news and commentary to stats and studies, we cover a variety of topics here on LSA Insider. Based on article views, shares and comments, here are the top ten most popular posts from Q2 2015:

10. Digital Boot Camp: What You Need to Know about Mobile Search (April 19, 2015)
“During her discussion at the first LSA Bootcamp in LA, Faith Murphy of Yahoo shared a lot of data on why mobile marketing is so important to SMB’s in the business of local.”

9. How Location-Based Strategies are Driving Business Results (June 1, 2015)
“With 70% of the US economy driven by consumer spending, most of which taking place 15-20 miles of the home, location-based marketing and advertising is helping influence these ‘local’ purchases.”

8. YP CEO Discusses Decision to Separate Digital & Print Businesses (June 25, 2015)
“David Krantz, CEO at YP, spoke with LSA President Neg Norton to explain how the change fits in with the overall corporate strategy.”

7. Potential Disruption As Major Local Sites On the Block or Being Shopped (May 11)
“While there’s regular M&A activity and perpetual ‘disruption’ happening among internet companies, somehow this feels like a more tumultuous time — especially for local.”

6. Study: SMBs Enjoy Being the Boss but Struggle to ‘Do It All’ (May 5, 2015)
“Based on results from a Constant Contact survey, 43% of SMBs said that having to wear so many different hats (marketing, operations manager, customer relations, etc.) was the most difficult part of running their business.”

5. YP Offers Search Retargeting and ‘Audience Extension’ for Brands (April 28, 2015)
“Users who come to YP and search but do not convert on the site are later retargeted based on their search queries and intent.”

4. Offline Conversion Metrics Becoming A Critical New Standard (April 8, 2015)
“Eventually offline visits will be a critical metric for providers of SMB marketing services as well. Indeed, it’s already starting to happen.”

3. The End of Yahoo Maps and the Missing Local Strategy (June 8, 2015)
“Local content and local search have not received the attention of other initiatives at Yahoo. Indeed, if anything, Yahoo has distanced itself from local.”

2. LSA15: Joe Walsh’s Return to Industry After Time as Investor & Consultant (April 21, 2015)
“During this featured speaker discussion at LSA 15, Joe Walsh, CEO of Dex Media, talked about his recent journey as an investor, consultant and board member and his subsequent return to the industry at the helm of Dex Media.”

1. A Big Marketing Opportunity Most SMBs and Their Vendors Miss (May 13, 2015)
“While there are some SMBs taking advantage of how-to content on YouTube it’s not common. In addition, this how-to video can also be posted on social media sites or blogs for additional reach and exposure.”

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