The Website World Expands: AWeber Integrates Weblium

This is the latest in Localogy’s Website Windup series. It examines the ongoing evolution and advancement of SMB-focused website builders, including acquisitions and feature expansion to enhance product bundles.

Expansion activity in the website world continues to pick up. We’ve seen website builders from GoDaddy to Wix expand functionality to create more attractive bundles. That includes things that stem naturally from websites — everything from eCommerce and CRM to social and marketing suites.

For similar reasons, we’ve seen expansion in the opposite direction, such as Constant Contact’s move into websites. The driver in all of the above is to grow average revenue per user (ARPU) and work towards all-important recurring revenue by embedding a service deeper into SMBs’ daily operations.

With that backdrop, the latest websites & marketing marriage comes from email marketing company AWeber. The company has integrated directly with website builder Weblium. The latter is known for its drag & drop mobile-friendly website building tools, which align with AWeber’s own directions and product positioning.

For example, Weblium offers business-friendly modules for building websites, such as sign-up forms and landing pages. As part of AWeber’s integration, it will let SMBs sync those pages. That way, they can quickly onboard the right content for on-brand email campaigns that drive traffic to the right places.

Weblium is also known for its AI-driven “Design Supervisor” that saves SMBs from a classic paradox of choice in website design. As they go through the creation process, things like font and colors are devised and applied automatically. The same design elements can then flow automatically into AWeber’s email campaigns.

Altogether, this goes deeper than the high-level website/marketing expansion moves listed above. Though similar drivers likely stand behind this move (our speculation), there are also natural product synergies for integrated email campaigns. This should save SMBs lots of time — always a good design target.

But moreover, this move was driven by listening to the customer as AWeber’s Chris Vasquez told Localogy Insider.

“We’re always listening to our customers and actively seeking their feedback about the tools they use to grow their businesses,” he said. “We heard from customers that Weblium was an important tool that allowed them to build and manage beautiful websites, so we worked with Weblium to create an integration. Now, with no code or hassle, they can connect their Weblium sign up forms to AWeber to seamlessly grow their lists, deliver tailored, automated email content to their subscribers, and build meaningful connections with their audiences.”

See more about the integration here. Meanwhile, we’ll keep our radar up for more expansion activity at the intersection of websites and marketing, and report back. And check out our recent expert roundtable in which we unpacked some of the strategic dynamics of the website-builder sector and its ongoing expansion.

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