The Recipe for Restaurant Brand Success: Scaled Local Ads from Local Pages

Localogy Insider invites experts in a field relevant to our community to share practical advice on how to do the business of local better. In this ExpertTake, Tiger Pistol‘s Jarrod Hitt offers restaurant brands tips for successful branding on social media. 

“Where do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know, where do you want to eat?”

The above exchange is common to the point that 75% of people haven’t decided where to dine when they begin their search. And restaurant brands want their locations and franchises to be top of mind when the tummies start to grumble.

Brand awareness ads simply don’t cut the mustard when hunger hits. Local ads from local Facebook Pages, regardless of placement in the Facebook Feed, Instagram, or in Stories, do resonate with local patrons.

Studies show diners typically visit restaurants within 2.6 miles of their home. With local ads published from local pages, restaurants can offer clear calls to action like “Get Directions,” which pull up turn-by-turn directions to an establishment, making it easy for diners to visit one restaurant over its competitors.

Pro Tip: Don’t boost posts. Instead, use direct response ads optimized for a desired conversion. While having thousands of “likes” on Facebook may have some value, what’s the point if those users are not patronizing the location they are “liking”?

Boosting posts optimizes for likes, shares, and comments. By contrast, direct response ads with the right calls-to-action encourage users to engage in the manner the restaurants prefer, whether they’re looking to drive foot traffic, prompt app installs, or direct users to online ordering, calls-to-actions can be difference makers.

Multi-location brands that have business pages for their individual franchises can use those pages to further drive engagement via direct response social ads by promoting specials, events, and sign-ups for coupons offered by that specific franchise. Optimizing copy with localized language not only resonates more with diners but running those ads off of local pages reduces advertising costs.

Targeting local page ad campaigns to within a few miles around the franchise’s address helps restaurants can not only beat their competitors, but also ensures they’re driving potential diners to their nearest establishment.

Pro Tip: Restaurants shouldn’t limit targeting to users that “live in” a certain area. Better to open the ad up to everyone in a targeted area. After all, tourists and out-of-towners like to eat too.

The following use case illustrates these principals in action.


A quick-service restaurant chain was looking for insights and performance advice to improve its social advertising campaigns. The client was running multiple brand-level campaigns off of the corporate Facebook Business Page, targeting by DMA across multiple locations.

The Solution and Benefits 

Together with the client, Tiger Pistol ran an A/B test to understand if more localized targeting and content would drive better campaign performance.

  • Local campaigns run off of location-specific Facebook Pages, leveraging insights from those individual Pages
  • Targeting was more relevant for localized campaigns; remote regions of DMA were excluded
  • Tailored campaign copy to mention the street, city or neighborhood of the specific location to increase relevance
  • Results from A/B test found that location campaigns were more cost-effective and resulted in better performance than the DMA campaigns the client had been running


  • 35% More impressions for location campaigns versus DMA campaigns
  • 30% Lower CPMs than running the same campaigns through the national brand Page.

This global-to-local approach brings enterprise-strength tools into the local market. The local restaurant chain’s general manager can now easily partner with the brand to drive increased foot traffic for their establishments. It’s a true win-win for the brand, its franchisees, and locations.


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