The Many (at Least 6) Reasons You’ll Want to Be at #LSA17 in San Diego

LSA17 is shaping up to be the most diverse and dynamic annual conference that LSA has put on over the past several years. The content is a mix of enterprise and SMB focused sessions.

We’ve got many “thought leadership” discussions about product direction, sales and competitive landscape. We’re also emphasizing practical and tactical information on the main stage and in more than 10 breakouts. And there’s more networking time than in the past.

In addition, LSA is putting on a special publisher workshop on Monday 2/27: “SEM: From Loss Leader to Profit Center.” It’s a best practices session about getting more margin from SEM programs and working with small-budget advertisers. Acquisio and Google are speaking. It’s free to conference attendees but publishers must register.

On Monday evening, following a provocative talk from Michael Cox, former Federal Reserve Chief Economist, there will be live presentations from our raucous bunch of Ad-to-Action Award finalists. We had about 180 entries this year — many more than past years.

We’ve also got featured talks from Chick-Fil-A, Blue Cross, YP, xAd and more to be announced. Here are some additional reasons to attend:

1. Diverse agenda: From advertiser sales and local SEO to location analytics, voice assistants and SMB marketing automation, the agenda is representative of the industry’s expanding scope. It hits the key issues and technologies that local marketers and publishers must understand to survive and thrive.

2. Higher attendance: LSA17 attendance is trending 33% higher than last year. In its 41st year, the LSA Conference is the one gathering that brings together the four corners of the local media and marketing ecosystem.

3. More networking: The LSA17 agenda offers 8+ hours of dedicated networking time. The event will be your best opportunity this year to meet and network with partners, technology providers and prospects.

4. Packed expo hall: All our expo hall tables are sold and we have much greater sponsorship interest than last year. With this increased support and interest, LSA is putting together one of the most compelling events for the local media and marketing industry this year.

5. Speaker demand: We’ve had unprecedented demand to speak at LSA17. There were close to 100 pitches, with more coming in. Many were excellent, making it extremely challenging to accommodate all the demand and great ideas.

6. Not just “the usual suspects”: We’re attracting new, first-time attendees from across the local ecosystem: brands, agencies, publishers, technology companies.

It’s an uncertain time in the local space and for local events. But LSA is one you can count on — for content, networking and to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market. Join us!

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